Astro Professional Notary Services Inc, is a diverse business, offering trustworthy and certified services by dialing one number.  This service is offered to the general and commercial public to shorten the search for our many services at one location.  Services offered include Notary Loan Signing Agent, General Notary Service, Field Inspector (public/commercial), and Wedding Officiant services that offer great travel deals paired with our sister travel agency Astro Relaxcation Inc.  Our company will provide dependable, honest, and trustworthy multiple services.  We accept that surpassing our customer’s expectations is the best way to work together.




Notaries may not choose the type of notarization or certificate wording for a given document. ... Notaries may not prepare a document or give advice on how to fill out, draft or complete a document. Notaries may not provide legal advice or answer questions about a legal matter.